Mickael Marsali, a native of France, is a Senior Consultant and founding member of Arterial Capital Management in London. Mickael is a talented financial professional who has proven, throughout his career, his commitment to delivering tangible and robust results. He has years of experience advising ultra-high-net-worth clients on complex investment opportunities. Over his career, he has single-handedly raised upwards of a £1 billion and while his work has focused on the alternative investment space. This includes, but is not limited to FX, green projects, derivatives, commercial and residential real-estates, media and pharmaceuticals.

Mickael Marsali attended the prestigious Royal Holloway University in Surrey where he earned a degree in Economics with Management. He also holds a Diploma in Finance from Clifton College. After completing his studies, he joined Lincoln Financial Group’s Private Wealth Management Practice. He excelled here for three years, and is grateful for the opportunities and learnings that Lincoln Financial Group afforded him.  He transitioned to Allied Dunbar Assurance Plc, which is now a part of the Zurich Group. In this capacity, he continued to develop professionally while demonstrating his abilities and dedication as he was a vital member of the most successful practice in the history of the company.

In 2003, Mickael Marsali was recruited to serve as a Senior Investment Consultant at the AIM Listed Lighthouse Group Plc. Again, Mickael strove for excellence in this position. He was formally recognized, for five consecutive years, as being a top producer for Lighthouse in this role.

He then went on to serve as Senior Technical Consultant for Phoros Accountancy. In this capacity, Mickael primarily worked with investigations team on group actions and HMRC enquiries. In the fall of 2012, he left Phoros to help co-founded Arterial Capital Management. Mickael attributes to his success within the finance industry to his natural facility with maths, his knowledge of the markets and financial processes, a diverse set of experiences, and ambition.

He is fluent in four languages including English, French, Italian, and Arabic. Additionally, he is a loving husband to his wife, to whom he has been married since 2012, and a proud father to two talented children, Noah and Zach. He also enjoys travelling the globe with his family, having visited five continents, and spending time racing high-performance automobiles on racetracks across the UK and the rest of Europe.